Edwin Choque is a senior nursing major with a gift for the cello. As a former student and orchestra member of Keene Adventist Elementary School and Chisholm Trail Academy, Adventist education and music have been a huge part of his life. He chose Southwestern to continue that tradition. Choque received the music festival scholarship in 2011, as well as other scholarships in music and academics.

Choque is a member of the Southwestern Symphony Orchestra, Southwestern String Quartet and of the soccer team. Now a senior, he continues to maintain a high grade average. According to Choque, the key to balancing academics, music, and athletics is prioritizing and time management.

"If there's a big test coming up, you have to plan ahead and start studying," Choque says. "But it's still good to take a break, and you can use your practice or game as your break time. Music stimulates the brain; exercising helps your blood circulate. Then you can go back to your studying afterwards. Even if the test is the next day, just cramming and studying the night before is not the best way to study for a big test. You have to manage your time and start studying in advance, and then you have the time to take your break from studying and go to practice."