In 2012, as a Chisholm Trail Academy senior, Peter Choque was a Music Festival Scholarship Finalist on the violin for the Meyerson Music Festival. Today he plays the violin at Southwestern, and is active with the Southwestern Symphony Orchestra as well as the string quartet.

"I participated in Southwestern's music festival for 7 years but being a finalist gave me new responsibilities as a mentor," says Choque. "I would be in a different place without this scholarship."

In his fifth-grade music class, Choque began to take violin lessons. The interest in violin continues into his college studies. Although Choque is a nursing major, he makes time for music as much as possible.

"I really like the music program at Southwestern because they seemed to care about everyone," says Choque. "It doesn't matter if you're not a music major."

When he thinks about his future, Choque is not sure what the exact plan is, but he trusts that God will make the path clear. "Originally, I wanted to be a doctor here in the states but I think God is calling me to be a missionary. I still don't know where, but the plan is to go wherever God leads me."