Ivana Ticar chose Southwestern Adventist University for her faith. After enrolling at a non-Adventist university, Ticar began to question if she was going the right direction. She auditioned for the Meyerson Festival Scholarship as a soloist and upon acceptance as a finalist, Ticar officially decided to attend Southwestern.

Ticar started voice lessons at just five years old and piano lessons in third grade. She enjoys singing with her younger sister, and performed for 3ABN. While attending academy at The Oaks (Adventist Christian School), she played piano for choir. Now she is a sophomore music major and plays in the Southwestern Wind Symphony and Southwestern Symphony Orchestra.

"Even though I had taken many years of voice lessons, I still didn't think I was a good enough singer," said Ticar. "Becoming a scholarship finalist boosted my confidence. It made a significant difference in my life."