Wednesday, March 16

7:30p Showcase Concert
featuring 2016 scholarship finalists
Wharton Auditorium

Thursday, March 17

3:30 Check-in Hopps Museum and Welcome Center
4:45 Supper Cafeteria
5:00 Sponsor Dinner Hopps Museum and Welcome Center
6:00 Rehearsal Various Locations
9:30 Recreation Gym
10:30 Bed Gym

Friday, March 18

7:15 Breakfast Cafeteria
8:00 Rehearsal Various Locations
10:00 Break
10:15-11:55 Rehearsal
Band and Orchestra go to Cafeteria at 11:25a

Various Locations

11:30a-12:50p Lunch Cafeteria
12:50p Group Picture (wear Music Festival t-shirt) Amphitheater (next to cafeteria)
1:30 Rehearsal Various Locations
2:40 Break
3:00-5:15p Rehearsal
Choir go to Cafeteria at 4:50p
Various Locations
5:00 Supper Cafeteria
8:00p Vespers Keene SDA Church
10:30p Bed Gym

Saturday, March 19

9:45-10:30a Breakfast Gym
10:00-10:25a Symphonic Band Warm-Up Gym
10:25-10:55a Choir Warm-Up Gym
10:55-11:20a Hymn Joint Rehearsal Gym
11:30a-1:00p Festival Church Gym
1:00 Lunch Cafeteria
5:00 Supper Cafeteria
6:00 Vespers Keene SDA Church
7:00 Rehearsal Various Locations
9:30 Recreation Gym
11:30p Bed Gym

Sunday, March 20

9:00 Rehearsal
Band and Orchestra go to Cafe at 10:40
Various Locations
10:45-11:45a Brunch Cafeteria
12:00 Rehearsal Various Locations
2:00 Change and Pack Gym
3:30p Leave for Dallas
Morton Meyerson Symphony Center
2301 Flora St., Dallas, TX
5:35-6:00p Choir Rehearsal Meyerson
6:05-6:30p Orchestra Rehearsal Meyerson
6:35-7:00p Symphonic Band Rehearsal Meyerson
7:30p A Night at the Meyerson Meyerson

Sponsors pick up your sack lunches from the cafeteria, Sunday from 12:00-2:00 p.m.

Every day will begin with a worship provided for the ensembles in their rehearsal rooms.

Rehearsal Rooms: Symphonic Band-Band Room, Orchestra-Keene Church Fellowship Hall, Choir-Keene Church Sanctuary


*Each participant and sponsors are required to attend all scheduled events.